Hubbert's Successors


Submitted by admin on 28 February, 2006 - 21:26

The work of M. King Hubbert has influenced and inspired many people that have worked or are working in the movement to begin the transition away from over-reliance on fossil fuels. A number of prominent individuals have chosen to contribute their thoughts to this tribute.  We are compiling these thoughts in a series of audio recordings.

Hubbert's Successors I - listen (.rm), download (.mp3), transcript
(in order of appearance)
Roscoe Bartlett, Richard Heinberg, Albert Bartlett, Megan Quinn, Pat Murphy, Walter Youngquist, Ron Swenson, Kenneth Deffeyes, Matthew Simmons, Stewart Udall, Jan Lundberg, Colin Campbell and Steve Andrews.

Hubbert's Successors II - Coming soon